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Relation Types


A synonym is a word with the same or nearly the same meaning as another word.

Synonyms can (and often do) have different connotations or shades of meaning, but they generally don't have different denotations.


A hypernym is a word that has a broader meaning than another word.

For example, the word bird is considered to be a hypernym of parrot.


A hyponym is a word, phrase, or name which belongs to the narrower category of a larger more general word.

A hyponym is a word which can be further classified as "a type of" or "of the same category as another word."

For example, bicycle, tricycle and moped are all types of motorcycle.


A similar word is a word with a similarly-defined definition as the original one - but they aren't always synonymous.

A word may share many similarities with another word, yet each have different meanings which make them not synonymous.

For example, in the domain of statistics, mean is a word similar to normal, but they are not synonymous.

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