formed vs H-shapedformed vs L-shapedformed vs T-shapedformed vs U-shapedformed vs W-shapedformed vs Y-shapedformed vs acorn-shapedformed vs awl-shapedformed vs bacillarformed vs bacillaryformed vs bacilliformformed vs baculiformformed vs bag-shapedformed vs bar-shapedformed vs basket-shapedformed vs belt-shapedformed vs biformformed vs boot-shapedformed vs bottle-shapedformed vs botuliformformed vs butterfly-shapedformed vs button-shapedformed vs catenulateformed vs chainlikeformed vs claw-shapedformed vs club-shapedformed vs club-shapedformed vs cowl-shapedformed vs cross-shapedformed vs die-castformed vs drum-likeformed vs drum-shapedformed vs ductileformed vs eel-shapedformed vs fan-shapedformed vs fig-shapedformed vs foot-shapedformed vs football-shapedformed vs funnel-shapedformed vs guitar-shapedformed vs hammer-shapedformed vs harp-shapedformed vs hook-shapedformed vs horn-shapedformed vs hourglass-shapedformed vs keel-shapedformed vs lance-shapedformed vs lancet-shapedformed vs lip-shapedformed vs lyre-shapedformed vs malleableformed vs moldedformed vs navicularformed vs nutmeg-shapedformed vs oven-shapedformed vs paddle-shapedformed vs perfectedformed vs phylliformformed vs pitcher-shapedformed vs pliableformed vs pliantformed vs precastformed vs ribbon-shapedformed vs rod-shapedformed vs rudder-likeformed vs s-shapedformed vs saddle-shapedformed vs scaphoidformed vs shapedformed vs slipper-shapedformed vs spade-likeformed vs spade-shapedformed vs spider-shapedformed vs spoon-shapedformed vs stirrup-shapedformed vs tadpole-shapedformed vs tassel-shapedformed vs tensileformed vs thimble-shapedformed vs tractileformed vs trumpet-shapedformed vs turnip-shapedformed vs umbrella-shapedformed vs unformedformed vs v-shapedformed vs vase-shapedformed vs vermiformformed vs worm-shapedformed vs wrought
Other words that start with: “F”, “FO”, “FOR”, “FORM” or end with: “D”, “ED”, “MED”, “RMED”.
Other adjectives that start with: “F”, “FO”, “FOR”, “FORM” or end with: “D”, “ED”, “MED”, “RMED”.
Words unscrambled from / built with letters: “FORMED”.

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